MBA Fashion & Luxury Goods Management

Our Ms is intended for students from all backgrounds, already graduated of 4 years of university studies or more, wishing to start an international career. This training is open to French and foreign students. Inside this cultural mix, learn the intercultural codes and manage a team anywhere in the world by adapting to local ways of life and mentalities.

This training provides the foundation for a high-flying career in international marketing. We chose to offer a specialization in fashion and luxury management, which are fully part of our knowledge. As a very dynamic and lucrative sector, this expertise is a great opportunity. Our degree will give you the skills and practical experience you need to pursue projects with international organizations in these fields.

Program proposed by


STUDY UNIT 1 – Management

  • Team and project Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Geopolitics

STUDY UNIT 2 – Enterprise

  • Business Plan
  • Project cost and budget management
  • Project risk management
  • Business Law

STUDY UNIT 3 – Innovation and digital

  • Digital marketing
  • Trends and innovation
  • Creative projects
  • Brand strategy and management

STUDY UNIT 4 – Fashion and Luxury

  • History and culture of fashion and luxury
  • Fashion and luxury marketing
  • Communication in fashion and luxury

STUDY UNIT 5 – Human Resources

  • Team recruitment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Intercultural management

STUDY UNIT 6 – Professional training

  • Professional report
  • Business Games
  • Workshops
  • French as a foreign language