Through a combination of lectures, case studies and small group projects you will be encouraged to take an active part in your learning. By the end of the course you will have gained the necessary skills to succeed in a challenging global business environment.

An International Dimension

The educational experience in two different countries provides cultural discovery and unique learning.

  • Duration: 2-5 years, the actual completion will depend on the student’s availability, research capacity and written work. This structure allows flexibility for full-time professionals.
  • Academic Level Required: Master’s Degree, significant professional experience, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with Professional Experience Validation for credits (PEV)
  • Student Admission: continuous intake of students as we practice immense flexibility for our students

Candidates are required to identify current issues and apply relevant theories for problem-solving. A DBA candidate is required to show his or her ability to:

  • conduct original investigations and research; test, apply and examine their own ideas as well as others;
  • understand the relationship between their thesis theme and a wider field of knowledge
Program proposed by


Stage 1

1- Thesis Management Seminar
2- General Research Methodology Seminar

Sanctioned by a detailed research proposal based on the topic selection jointly defined by the student and the faculty.

Stage 2

3- Quantitative Research Methods
4- Qualitative Research Methods

Sanctioned by literature review writing and specific hypothesis design (no less than 10,000 words).

Stage 3

Thesis Supervision

Sanctioned by hypothesis testing (empirical data collection) and thesis writing (no less than 25,000 words).

Stage 4

5- Defense Preparation

Sanctioned by thesis defense in front of an accredited

A final ruling by a panel of judges will take place in Paris.
Candidates will have the opportunity to take part in a pristine graduation ceremony.